I have seen this error before on the net. It seems as though it's a pretty
common error. In dxdiag I get a "memory unknown" error and I can't run
anything with Direct 3D.

The thing is, I have a Dell Latitude D600 here which I can't play DVDs on
because of an overlay failure. Which is caused by the drishti.dll driver
crashing with my ATI Radeon 9000 driver. (memory unknown as mentioned before)

So I tried what some guides say, rename the drishti.dll file to
drishti.old. The same goes for the other similar dll file which has a name
similar to "drishtiXP.dll" or something.

And it worked! I could play DVDs and dxdiag didn't show any errors! But
this again means that I can't use remote control! Cause of the ****
drishti.dll file setting itself as a primary display driver, when it's not!

So if this is a well known problem, why hasn't it been fixed? I even talked
to Dell and they sendt a repair man and changed the entire computer. Except
the harddrive. I can't believe Dell doesn't know about this.
We were just going to get Dell come here and take care of ALL of the
computers here in the same way. And then I just found this..

A fix please?