I am trying to set up WOL using Zenworks 7 ( so far no technical problems )
but not sure I quite understand how policies are supposed to work. What does
WOLService actually do ? Mine has Servername_WOLService name ( according to
Zen7 docs it should be WOLService_servername - perhaps the difference is
'cos of upgrading ZfD4 to 7 ? ), and the only assosiation with the server
that I can see is due to the object's name in NDS ( Ok, and the 'Host
server' attribute - but how does the service loaded on my server know which
NDS object to look for ? ).

Regarding the actual role of that object docs are rather brief :
"Modify the schedule to read the Wake-on-LAN policy."

So what will be happening exactly during the time interval I specify ? Say I
set "the action to activate between the hours of" 3:00pm and 5:00pm. Does it
mean the WOL service running on that server will be scanning WOL policy(ies)
defined in the server policy package to see if there is work to do (
policies to apply to certain workstations ) ? If so how often will it be
doing that ? E.g. I set some WOL policy to wake a group of w/s between 4:45
and 4:55.

What is the point of having WOLService NOT active during some hours, isn't
it in the end all defined in WOL policies in server package anyway ? So if I
want to wake up some w/s that is where I set the schedule, right ? Hmm am I
missing something ?