In regards to the previous posts... Is it possible to change the port that ConsoleOne uses to do WOL?...
and how does the WOL work exactly?
Does it send the packet from the workstation or from the server?
Why does the server end have WOL services running?
If you are running more than one server should the WOL service be running on all of them or just one?
We are having the same problem that ol Tommy is having here. BUT we did have it working about 6 months ago and it stopped working for whatever reason and we are trying to figure it out. (ie firmware upgrades on the switches/router... The death of a F & P/DHCP cluster)
We can wake up on our own V-LAN but cannot on any other V-LANs.

So many questions....

Some input would be greatly appreciated... WOL is a very handy tool to have and is missed... :(


Trying to do a wake on lan to remote PC's over WAN. Have a zen server
(netware 6.5) at each location. Can see both trees in edirectory but
beleive the broadcast command to do a wol is being blocked by cisco
routers. What is the suggested solution for this problem? Does the router
need to be configured to forward or is there some other option available
to get the wol command to work? I would prefer not to change the router
setup if possible. Thanks in advance

Shaun Pond<> wrote:
the routers would need to support Directed Subnet Broadcast on port


Shaun Pond

WOL uses the Intel Magic Packet, which is a broadcast - by default that
will only stay on the local lan...


Shaun Pond