Hello: We are trying to implement some addition energy savings and
wnat to place our workstations into standby at night when not in use.
I have the standby thing working great and my workstatons go into
standby mode just fine and I can wake them from standby using ZENworks.

My problem is that when I wake a computer from standby mode, everything
comes back except for video. The video card continues to remianin a
powered-down state until I physically press a key on its keyboard.

Now, I suspect this is a HW problem and am working with HP on this. I
am wondering if anyone else has experience with this type of problem
and what your solution was?? Is there a way to send a keystoke comand
that the computer will interpret as a local physical keystoke?

Our system consists of ZENworks 7.0 running on EOS/NWsp2. The
workstations are HP DC5000 running WXPsp2.