How do you make the ZFD 7 imaging client operate on a computer with only
64mb of ram?

As per section 7-2 of the Zen 7 docs it indicates

16 MB; 128 MB recommended if Workstation Imaging is to be used on the

I have been unable to find any documentation on this stating a hard
minimum memory requirement. We upgraded our server to Zen 7 from 6.5 sp1.
After the imaging server attempted to update the imaging partition on our
client workstations none of our 64mb computers have been able to boot. We
recieve an error that there is not enough memory and ask to be pointed to
a swap partition. If I bump the memory from 64 to 128mb they work fine.
The way the documentation reads it leads you to believe it will work with
16mb, which I doubt as it does not work with 64mb.

If the 7 imaging client cannot be run under 64mb is there any way to
prevent the imaging server from updating the imaging client, and will the
6.5 imaging client work woth the 7 imaging server?

We also have a few hundred of our newer workstations (p4 2.0ghzand up
with 256mb of ram) which have failed the update process, and continully
reboot off the imaging partition. The only solution I have found to this
is to recreate the partition with the imaging CD.

Any suggestions welcome.....