Out of my 25 workstations, these last 3 workstations won't remote manage,
even though they successfully import into the container. I've updated the
hosts file to path ZENWSIMPORT, pinged the ZENWSIMPORT to the server
through command prompt(which didn't ping until I added the hosts entry),
but won't ping through nwadmn32. Also ran UNREG32.exe, and WSREG32.exe
with reboot, no luck. Ensured the remote agent was started in control
panel at the WS, and successfully imported, but still get "unable to
locate the workstation in DNS" error when I try to remote in. Double
checked the ZEN policy associations. I do know that McAfee causes jre.exe
errors in NWADMN32, but I remote all other workstations successfully, same
hardware config. Any ideas before I check into the mental health ward?