As a follow up post to the previous Remote Management request, I have
discovered that the workstations able to be remotely managed will collect
two attributes for the WM:Network Address entry listed in both Console One
and nwadmn32. Workstations that can be remote controlled will list both
the IP address (ex:192.168.##.102) as well as what I think is a MAC
address (ex: 00000000:001143bca6d9). All workstations will report
successfully imported, but ones with only the IP address attribute will
not remote manage. All other workstation paramters are identical, but
without that second addressing attribute, remote management returns "user
agent unable to locate workstation in NDS" error, even after UNREG32,
reboot, WSREG32, reboot, and manually confirming the
HKLM\software\novell\workstation manager\identification entries are
correct. Any idea why only one attribute would import, when others have
both? All workstations are running W2K.