I have problems with Wake-on-LAN policy. The server and workstations are on different
subnets (VLANs) and there is a 3com SuperStack 4924 layer3 switch between them
forwarding packets. In the evening, when WOL policy runs, the WOL service screen
on server displays the following for each workstation:

Tue May 16 19:25:04 EEST 2006 001485172CF4 Packet sent to remote machine
Tue May 16 19:29:05 EEST 2006 001485172CF4 Remote Machine not responding

And the workstations do not wake up...

I found some TIDs that say that directed broadcasts need to be enabled on router.
Superstack 4924 has two settings, "Receive Directed Broadcasts" and "Forward Directed
Broadcasts", which, indeed, were initially disabled. I enabled them both, but the problem
remains the same.

I can successfully wake up these workstations with ConsoleOne on the same VLAN.

Any ideas? Anyone have this working with SS4924?

Toomas Aas