Remote control via user is working fine for users logged into the tree
using Novell Client. For users with only the agent installed, remote
control via user does not work. Everything else behaves - remote control
via workstation object is fine, users get applications, etc etc.

Having run ConsoleOne in debug, the problem appears to be that the
zenwmLoggedInWorkstation attribute is not created on the user object. If I
add the workstation IP to the attribute manually, remote control via user
works as advertised...

Workstations are imported fine, and the zenwmLoggedInWorkstation attribute
on the user is updated.

It appears that zwsreg makes no attempt to modify the zendmwsNetworkAddress
property on the user object - is zwsreg responsable for this, or should it
happen somewhere else?

We're running zen / eDir on windows. The problem occurs in the same way
accross multiple sites, with multiple middle tier servers, and multiple
import servers...

Any ideas?