We haven't gotten this far in our use of this functionality yet
(considering I finally got Remote Wakeup to work just last week!) but
it's a question I thought of yesterday and I'm not sure where to go for
the answer.

In our environment, we have a ZEN server at each campus (five
campuses), and each campus has their own Private IP subnet (all based
on 10.x.x.x). We use T1s to go from campus to campus; actually, the
main campus here is the communication hub between all five campuses.
So for example, to get from one of the remote campuses to another, they
go through the main campus. We have a CSU/DSU switch (Cisco) in our
phone/switchroom downstairs, and all four remote campuses come in
through that. There's a little background for you.

OK, now, since each of the campuses has their own ZEN server, I have
the clients configured to register/import into their own campus
context. Each campus has its own context, and in each campus OU there
is an OU called Workstations. All the workstations for that campus go
into that OU. With me so far?

Now, the question. I don't believe our T1 will allow us to send a
magic packet to wakeup a PC in a remote campus. SO, since the WOL
service is running on each server, and the workstations are registered
through those servers, does the WOL packet come from OUR campus or
directly from theirs?

I can't test this at present, because initially our workstations were
set up in the BIOS with WOL disabled, so we still have to visit each PC
to enable it. But I'm still curious as to how the mechanics work in a
multi-server ZEN environment such as ours.

Thanks in advance for any replies! (-: