Can anyone interpret the following log so that I can get WOL
working. Thanks

[8/22/06 02:54:54.582] WOLService:ServiceManager: Starting
the ZENworksWOLServiceManager...
[8/22/06 02:54:54.906] Service Manager:
start(ServiceDataAccessor, String[]) not found in
'com.novell.zenworks.desktop.remotewakeup.WakeUpLA NService'
[8/22/06 02:54:54.969] WOLService:ServiceManager: Starting
the Wake on Lan service...
[8/22/06 02:54:55.730] WOLService:ServiceManager: Wake on
Lan service started successfully
[8/22/06 03:01:14.141] Service Manager (TCP): Could not
start WOLServiceManager. Please try again.

ZFD 7 Suite Service Pack 1 applied. Workstations are
imported and can be woken up manually. Workstations are
Windows XP sp2.

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