I'm having trouble with remote control. I'm basically trying to give a
user helpdesk remote control ability. I've highlighted the Tree, gone to
the Tools option on the menu bar at the top of ConsoleOne, ZENworks
Remote Management, Manage Remote Operator, then I Add a user that I want
to grant remote control rights to, check the box for "Inheritable for
container level", click Next and choose the container that all my
workstations are in for my scope.

Here is the rub, if ConsoleOne's 1.2 directory is copied down to the
local workstation they can launch ConsoleOne.exe and proceed to remote
control any workstation they want. However, if they launch
ConsoleOne.exe from the ZEN server they can initiate remote control, but
after the user clicks OK to allow remote control they get a "RCConsole
MFC has encountered a problem and needs to close" error message. My
thoughts are that somehow this user does not have trustee rights to the
ZEN Remote Control program files on the server, even though I've assigned
this user File Scan and Read trustee rights to the 1.2 folder on the

Maybe this is a NDS rights problem? I'm clueless on how to set these up
correctly for ZEN remote control.

This test is practically worthless, but I went into the TREE admin user
and set Security Equal to Me tab to include my user and he could user
remote control from both the local launch and the server launch.

Thanks for any help. John Reidenbach