Hello all: I really did it this time. Somehow I have
completely messed up WOL and now I can't wake any
workstations in our branch offices over our WAN. Our
topology has our main office connected to two branch offices
via p2p T1's. Each office has it's own ZfD 7.0 sp1 server
which handles all work for the local OU. Workstations are
located in a container under the office OU but all
server-related ZEN objects are in the main OU. (e.g. I only
use the sub-OU to store application and workstation

In a failed attempt to get WOL working I deleted the
WOL-server_package object and reinstalled WOL from the
7.0sp1 CD. This recreated the WOL Server_package object. I
assigned trustee rights to the ZfD server and the
workstation group. I have also enabled the WOL policy in
the Server Service Package.

But no joy. I can't wake any workstations on the other

I could use some of your help with this please.

Thanks, Chris.