I've just recently discovered this, and I'm 99% sure it did NOT behave
this way in 6.5

Right now, in 7.0.1, when you right-click a user, and select Remote
Management, the "pulldown" for IP's lists ALL IP's the user is logged
into, regardless of whether the ZEN agent is on the workstation or not.

For example, I'm currently only logged into ONE pc, but have multiple
Citrix Sessions that I'm logged into. It shows like 8 IP's.

It's almost like it's not clearing out the IP's (it's got stuff
recording on machines that I'm not even logged into today, but was
logged in a few weeks ago).

I thought ZEN was supposed to pull the IP from the "logged in
workstations" and use that, but it seems that in 7.0.1 they changed it
to just read the "network" addresses from eDir now?