Our school district’s network is based on Novell Netware 6.5 servers
running Zenworks for desktops version 7.

We are in the process of implementation of wake on lan feature on out network.
I am using a Zenworks option in zfdstart.ncf to start WOL on the server
with the server package setup associated to a group of workstations. Our
goal is to wake machines up at night (between midnight and 6 pm.) and push
MS Windows updates to be installed later when user logged in. We also would
like to have another wake up stage at 7:00 am. to bring up computers
(especially in the Labs) before users come in. Is it possible to run
multiple instances of WOL using the same method, or I need to find some
kind of WakeOnLan program and create a Zenwork application for it?
For the shutdown purposes, I am testing a third party freebie
“psshutdown.exe” imbedded in workstation policy package. If anyone knows a
better solution for this and for wake up functions, please let me know.

I would appreciate any advice,