We have some problems with XP stations running 4.91sp2, 4.91sp3 and
ZEN7 sp1 on OES (Linux).
When we try to establish remote access we get an 1456 error message
when no user is logged in. Remote control works when a user is logged
The TID's we found did not help until now. All stations are connected
via LAN ( not VPN ).
When trying to find the cause we noticed that without any Novell client
it works also with Novell client 4.83 it works but not with 4.91 sp2 or
sp3 we also tried without NMAS installed with no luck.
The strange thing is that diagnostics works and afaik it use the same
authentication as remote control.
The workstation register correctly when booting and we are using the
latest Zenworks agent. In the event log I can see there is a problem
with authentication.

Any ideas anyone