I'm having a problem with the Request Session option when trying to
remote control a computer both through Middle Tier and within our
network. The problem occurs with the ZEN agent from both ZEN 7 and 7
SP1. (We use just the Agent, no Novell Client). If I logon to the
computer with a NDS account (using Dynamic Local User), the Request
Session option is grayed out. When I try to remote control the computer
from ConsoleOne, it times out with an error 1854: Unable to contact the
managed workstation as the managed workstation cannot be located. The
Workstation object has the correct IP address. If I logon locally, then
the Request Session option is available and I can remote control the
computer. If I logon locally and then use the NAL Middle Tier logon to
authenticate, Request Session is still available. I've checked our
Remote Control policy and Allow user to request remote session is
checked, as is Accept Connections across NAT/Proxy. The workstation
override is unchecked. Thanks!