O.k. Guys, I'm a little new and tried to read through the posts, but I cannot get Remote Control to work on a new Installation of Zenworks 7.0. That goes for File Transfer and Remote Execute, etc. Here is the REALLY FUNNY thing though. I can remote execute or File Transfer on the computer where I am trying to do the remote control from. We have imported about 10 workstations into the tree. They all are using the same policies. But I cannot remote execute anything except on my workstation! Really strange huh? I do have the DNS entry set up and all workstations respond to ping on zenwsimport. I have a long history with Zenworks 3.2, so I really don't know why I cannot get this to work. I've read all of the TIDs I can find and nothing has pointed me to the right direction just yet. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.