Everything seems to work fine with my desktops as long as they don't
connect to a remote site with their Cisco VPN client. - Once they make a
connection I can no longer remote them until their VPN client is disconnected.

Once they connect with the VPN, their workstation object properties get
updated with the newly connected VPN client IP under the objects "Network
Address" property and the local LAN IP address is removed. - From there,
remote control (and view) are unable to connect.

Doing a route print on the workstations show the normal default gateway for
the LAN interface and no default route listed for the VPN interface. Split
tunneling is enabled on the VPN and other LAN services (NetWare file
services) remain and operate normally, just remote control / view seems

Basically, I'm having the same issue as this older request...

Any / all tips greatly appreciated!