We have several remote sites on our WAN that connect to the main site
here. All of the remote sites have a novell server with zenworks on
them. In the past from the main site we drop zenwork packages on all the
edirectory containers to update the workstations. This involves waking
up the workstations since company policy is the shut them down at night.
The communications group has done WAN upgrades to 4 of the remote
sights. THey have changed equipment only on the wan side not the local
side of each location. Now WAKE-ON-LAN does not work on these sites.
So I am confused as to how ZEN handles wake on lan. IF I drop a package
on an OU in the tree that represents a remote location does the wake on
lan get initiated from our main site and go across the WAN or is it the
responsibility of the NOVELL server at the site to initiate the WOL