I have ZfD 7 SP1 with HP 6 installed. I am trying to get the Remote
control feature 'Terminate session when new user requires to be
prompted for permission', (which is on the 'General Tab' for the remote
control policy for both WS and users) to work.

By default this is off (unchecked). I assume in that state what should
happen is that if I take over the WS when no one is logged in (at the
Novell client screen) and log in as a user that normally requires
prompting, that in this case it would not prompt, since I was remote
controlling the WS as 'no' user initially and the WS policy is set up
to not prompt.

OTOH, if I directly remote control a WS where the already logged in
user is a member of the user policy that requires prompting for remote
control, then I would be prompted.

It doesn't work this way. Regardless of whether I have the above
option checked on both WS & user policies or not, I will ALWAYS get
prompted when I log into the Network as a user that is in the 'prompt
for remote control' policy. It tells me the remote control session has
been terminated and asks if I want to restart the session. I say 'Yes'
and it restarts but now waits for the user on the host to answer the

BTW, I don't get prompted when logging in as a user that is in the
"don't prompt for remote control" policy. This works correctly.

Also, if I am logged in as a user that is not in the 'prompt for remote
control' policy, and then I log in from the desktop as a user that
should be prompted, I never get prompted! I can remote control that

I don't think it should work this way. Has anyone used this feature?