When we were told what was coming up with the new Zenworks, particularly
the imaging portion, I was pretty excited. Now, looking at the actual
product, I must say I am greatly disappointed.

Basically, not much has changed. The img program has been updated a bit. It
now has support for a mouse. (Why do I want a mouse, again?) The menus are
sort of useful, particularly being that you can now perform more than one
action without img exiting on you. Still no browse for image feature,
though.... Beyond that, the linux base has been updated a bit, the scripts
look very similar to the old Zen 4 scripts. So really, it's just the same
thing, slightly updated.

Now, where I see a great plus for this version, I also see another reason
to scream and pound my head into the wall. I can now split images. This is
great... Zen's imaging competition has had the ability to span cds for a
good while, Zen did not. Now it has it. The real question.... After you
split one, what in the world do you do with it? Basically, it looks like
you end up with a base zmg, then several addon zmgs. You lay them down in
order, one at a time. That's fine... The problem is, if you're imaging
offline, like a lot of people do, using CDs... How in the world do you tell
it to ask for the next CD? The only way I've seen so far has been to write
my own unix scripts to do so, but why should I have to do all this? Is this
product not designed to save me work, not add more to an already full plate?

Perhaps someone else has some insight on how to make this process a bit
more intuitive. Maybe I'm just missing something obvious.... I certainly
hope I am, because if I'm not this is not a great way for Novell to make
their customers happy.

Joshua Graham