BRIEF RANT: I wish they hadn't gotten rid of the BETA forums. They had a
lot of useful info in them. I'm still playing with the BETA too. I'm
getting ready to install the real thing tomorrow for a client and have just
a couple issues. I know I read a thread on slow loading of Zenboot stuff in
the beta forums. Now there's nothing here on that.

I know the problem is with my NIC on the workstation I'm trying to image,
because I have another workstation that doesn't have any problems and the
problem machine is plugged into the same switch, going to same server, has a
brand new patch cable, and is doing the same work as the non-problem

I'm trying to use an SMC EZ 10/100 card. The 201KB file bootzen2.bin took
over 15 min to load. and now almost two hours later I'm still loading
Linux.2 file. So the card must be the problem. On the other workstation I
have an Intel 10/100/1000 and using PXE off the card (actually in the bios).
The SMC doesn't support PXE at the card level and so I made a PXE boot disk.
All the drivers loaded fine and the files are indeed coming over but very
very slowly.

I guess I want to know if there is some settings I should be playing with
when the NIC driver loads that will correct this problem? Are there known
problems with the PXE boot disks (this is the only machine that I have that
doesn't support PXE at the hardware level-thus the only machine I've tried
the PXE boot disks on). I just want to be sure I know how to resolve these
problems before I do the real install.