I'm on a customer's site and am trying to get a scripted (re)image to work.
The workstation is registered ok. the zenworks image script looks ok.

when I set the image flag then restart the machine - the ws pxe boots
succesfully. apears to detect that there is work to be done.
it then identifies/configures the network card - then reboots.
it continues to do this until I remove the imaging flag!

If however I hold down Control+alt - I can get to the bash prompt.
If I then type: img auto - it downloads the script file to
If I then run:
crlf.s /bin/zenAdvancedScript
chmod +x /bin/zenAdvancedScript
the image restores successfully

I have also enabled debuging on the imgserv (imgserv -debug) and the log
file looks ok(ish)
the server is nw6.5 sp1.

I have ran the "img i h" command as suggested in a previous post - this
info is correct - we are not using imaging rules anyway.

any thoughts as to what could be going wrong and how to resolve the issue?