Hope this forum will do. I didn't see a catagory that really matched my
problem. Remote wakeup works fine if it's on the same network. If it's
on a different segment it does not work. The primary card on the server,
which is connected to our backbone switch is The second card
is The workstation is connected directly to the second card,
with a crossover, so there's no switch in between the server and the
workstation. If I right click on the w.s. object and try to wake it up
it won't. If I use inetcfg, on the server, and go into
protocols>tcpip>expert config, and enable directed broadcast forwarding
then I can wake up the workstation. Unfortunatley the server hangs
imediatley afterwards. I'm running NW6SP4 and ZW6.5. I tried this on
two different Dell servers. Also tried Broadcom nics and Intel nics.
The server hangs under all scenarios. Any help would be greatly