I installed imaging on my server named ZEN and have pdhcp loaded, IP mask DHCP is issued from a separate server
named ZENA, IP mask is the primary IP
address on ZENA. It also has a second NIC with IP address
mask= If I connect the workstation to the network
everything works fine. If I connect the workstation to the
network it stalls on the way up, I guess looking for the pdhcp server,
(not sure really). You see the word DHCP and dots ..... for about 30
seconds, then it says No boot filename recieved and proceeds to boot up.
If it has imaging work to do it does not do it. It looks like the
Netware server has trouble passing the packets thru itself. I'm running
NW6SP4 and ZEN 6.5. I have another post in this forum about remote
wakeup. I don't know if the two problems are related or not.