I have run into an issue where the workstation will not boot after
imaging. The PC will either have a cursor blinking in the upper left hand
corner or it will be in a reboot loop when trying to access the hard
drive. I think that it is a MBR problem but I cannot nail it down. I
cannot run Windows XP recovery mode to run FIXMBR because it will not
accept the administrator password. The image seems to be good because it
will work on other machines exactly like it. I have gone to the bash
prompt deleted, created, and activated the partition but the PC still will
not boot after restoring the image. I have about 450 workstations to
deploy so I really need some help quickly. All my workstations are HP
Dc5000 SFF with BIOS 1.05, 512 MB RAM, and a 40 GB hard drive.

Any help is greatly appreciated