Hey all,

I started a new post now that I know what is actually happening.

I have MANY brand new Dell GX 280 with a broadcom nic and serial ATA drives.
The Nic driver Broadcomm 57xx is broken as is documented above by other
threads. Someone is working on it. A work around I had was to through
another nic in the system for imaging.

The second, and much larger problem, is that Serial ATA is not supported,
yet, in imaging. I did download a PXE-SATA.zip file from cool solutions
that is suppose to work with serial ATA, but I can not tell. It has
recompiled Linux.1 and Linux.2 files. These did not fix the broadcom

When booting to PXE, the entire process hangs. I believe it is because
these machines ONLY have USB Keyboards and mice. There is not even the
ability to use PS2. They do not exist.

When I unplug the mouse and just leave the keyboard in, the system will get
to the BASH prompt but I can not type. The keyboard really does not work.

I tried different USB ports and the keyboard just will not work.

SO, the SATA might work, I just can not get to it.

Is the 2.6 kernel going to come out really soon for Zenimaging?