I'm building some scripts to customize the use of ZEN imaging. Its
basically a big bash script that automates the use of the img utility by
resolving naming conflicts, proxy settings, and just basically simplifies
the imaging process for our desktop guys, (some of which are less than
comfortable with the command prompt.)

The script is developing quite nicely, aside from the limitations of the old
version of bash (we're on ZfD 4.01 - bash version 1.14.7)

What I need to do, however, that is not obvious to me just yet, is to get
the utility to launch upon boot from CD, and be available on the installed
linux parition after imaging, so a tech can access it without the CD. I
know this must be possible, but like I said, its not obvious just yet.

Are there some good TIDs or developer docs that have some details on how to
do this?