little question
all my ibm wks can't get ip from dhcp when booting the img module
throught pxe

zen 6.5 on win2003, dhcp server on a separate win2k3 server

when booting pxe, i first get an ip, then the wks downloads linux.2, etc.
then i get

Getting DHCP info from the server. Please Wait.
Unable to obtain IP address.
Network device found on eth0

as in the thread of jlore@cucps.k12.va.us below

when performing a manual img (using ctrl-alt keys), if i do a ifconfig,
the ip address is ok, and i can ping the servers
if i do img, then query for work, the imaging process works !!

i've tried plugging the servers and the workstations directly into a
small 12ports unmanageable switch, and it's the same results....

As far as i know, this worked with the beta2 of zen6.5... i'm a bit