We are running the very latest Zen 4.01 on Netware 6.5 sp2. Everything we
need to do seems to be working nicely except...

If I have a multicast session set up from the Imaging server app object
and either do not get all computers PXE booted in time, or have a second
session set up and boot some of those computers, the computers will
either just have a blue screen and not join the session or get the blue
screen and give a "could not open multicast port" error and reboot. After
this occurs, I must reboot the imaging server to do anymore sessions. If,
prior to rebooting the server, I go the the console screen and chosse to
view the Multicast Sessions, the box does not open to show me any
sessions and basically hangs... If I attempt to down the server it says
sessions are in progress. But, even after all sessions have finished,
nothing else can be done until I reboot the server... Any Ideas? TIA.