Our newer Dell machines can't seem to get an address from DHCP when we
startup using the ZfD 6.5 or 4.01 CDs. For example, I boot a machine
(Dell D600 laptop) from the CD and it waits for an IP address and fails.
I can do ifconfig and assign one and it works. We try the same thing on
a GX270 (and SX270) and get the same results. I know the D600 is using
broadcom, but I don't remember what the GX/SX 270's use. If I try the
same thing on a pieced together clone with an Intel 100 card in it, no
problem at all. It gets an IP address when it is requested from the DHCP

I read the TID about configuring the DHCP server and it doesn't make
sense to me. I have DHCP option 015 setup which is DNS Domain Name. The
DHCP Server is a Win2K3 server (didn't work with a Win2K server as DHCP
server either).

Any ideas? We can get by if we set it manually, but I'd rather not do

Sean Eckton
Horizon Bank