I'm trying to pxe boot a virtual machine under vmware (host system is winxp
pro) so that I can put winxp pro on it.

If I boot with just the boot from network setting, it goes off and finds
the proxy server and the ZENWorks Preboot Management client bits, but then
freezes at the point where it puts the blue line across the top of the
screen with Backoff:25 Timeout:18 Resend:27. The numbers are different, or
sometimes the line only partially shows before the freeze but it's at that
point that the freeze happens.

If I boot from a pxe floppy with the drivers, it fails saying that it
didn't get a response from the dhcp server and so goes no further.

I'm happy to get it working with either the built in pxe or a boot disk,
but both ways only get so far.

Sorry if this ones a bit unusual, but I'd like to see if I can use zen to
create machines in vmware for testing and building of apps etc so it would
be great if I could work this out.