1:- When taking a base image of a drive say 30gb and putting on a 60gb drive
zen will automatically resize the partition. (Hoped this would be fixed in
Zen 6.5)

2:- Does anyone here know what Novell plan to do about the driver situation
in Zen for us who do not have time to search for and compile drivers?

I have been in the situation where I have had new machines twice now and the
current linux.2 file does not have the driver I require. Even when I add the
driver if I then apply a patch and it overwrites the linux.2 I have to start
all over again! They have to make this easier! (Thought this would also
happen in 6.5)

3:- The PXE toolkit should be included in the product. This is the same type
of sham now happening with patchlink. Novell should write the product
themselves or a least stop ripping people off by selling a half baked
product with hidden expenses.

If you agree with this I urge you to put these forward as enhancement