Howdy Ya'll,
I'm looking for suggestions for anyone and everyone on how they make
their images! We have been doing great with our images on Windows 2000,
but our XP images are not coming out right. So, I need some help. Can
anyone explain or email me a doc you've created on making your images?
I'll explain how we do ours, and feel free to point out my
short-comings. Here's how we do it:
For this example, we are using an HP nx7010 Laptop.

We have an Enterprise Agreement, so we load XP SP1 from our EA cd, then
we use the HP software cd to load up all teh hp stuff. Then we add NW
Client 4.9SP1 Overlay, then all of our software. Once that's done, we
setup how we want the administrator account to look, and then we create
a power user account. We log out and login local workstation only as
the power user account, and setup everything how we want the end user to
see it. Once this is done, we then log out of teh power user account,
and then log back in as administrator. We go to the user profiles
section and copy the power user account profile we just setup to the
default user folder giving it the everyone permissions. Once that is
complete, we delete this power user profile, and the power user itself.
Now we are ready to image. So we run Windows XP Setup manager. Once
this is done, then we run sysprep. We use ZCNC to pull the computer
name, but it's not working right. In sysprep, we use these switches:
-quiet -mini -reseal -nosidgen -reboot. Once the reboot happens, zcnc
pops up and makes us put in the pc name, which it somehow never grabbed,
and then gets to the desktop. If you try and login first time with a
novell account, admin on teh pc, it gets past teh results window and
just sits. But if we ctrl-alt-del and logoff and log back in local
workstation only as administrator, it logs in to teh desktop. Then if
we log out from there and log back in as the novell user, it goes to the
desktop this time. So then we created a power user again to test how it
would look, and we logged in as that user and some of the icons are
broken, mozilla is broken, and the biggest thing we notice right off the
bat is that the Desktop XP settings are back to default. When we set up
the desktop, we change everything to the classic style, and customized
the Windows Explorer look, and now it's all back to how it was right
after we install XP.
So, there you have it. I know this is long and drawn out, but any help
from here is appriciated. We are starting back at square one today, but
would like some feedback. Thanks.

Matt Pierce
Assistant Network Administrator
Brazos County IT Department

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