I have read most of the posts here about pxe and autoimaging and I
haven't found an answer that worked for me yet.
Everythign worked fine when I had ZFD 4.0.1 installed but when I upgraded
to ZFD 6.5 some things have quit working. The install did install
correctly without errors.
My current problem is trying to get my workstations to autoimage when
they boot up and it isn't working. First, I have tried checking the
check box to image on next boot. I have tried creating a multicast
session on the server and that didn't work. I tried creating a rule and
that didn't work. The workstation does actually query the server because
if you look at the imaging engine the update requests number goes up
whenever I reboot the workstation or go in manually and tell it to look
for work but they won't re-image automatically. I have tried deleting
and re-importing the workstations and that doesn't work. Is there
something else I can try to figure out why this isn't working?

Vince Pletcher