I'm trying to upgrade the hard drive in my Thinkpad from 40 to 80GB,
partly so that I can put Linux on it as well as XP. The new 80GB drive
is the Hitachi/IBM Travelstar.

I imaged the 40GB drive using ZfD 6.5. It seemed to image fine.

I replaced the 40 with the 80GB drive and restored the image.

In the img engine, it all looks good. There are two partitions: the
NTFS XP partition and a hidden W98 fat partition for the IBM restore

When I restart the system, it won't boot.

I boot to DOS and fdisk to display the partition table; it's
corrupted. The NTFS partition shows -209 for size and the partition
numbers display as %0 and other funky stuff.

Reload linux and img, and again all looks fine.

Anybody have a clue?