I have been working on this for a couple of days now. What am I trying to
do is create a bootcd.iso for a computer. I am using Zenwork 4.0.1 for
Desktops. The computer that I am working on is a ClientPro 345 E from MPC
(New with WindowsXP). The motherboard is an Intel PRO-865GLC the board has
an Intel PRO/1000 CT Network Connection on it. I am using WinISO to create
the image with the setting text along with the statement "insmod -f
$MODPATH/net/e1000.o > /dev/null 2.&1" in the driver.conf file. The
driver.conf file is located in the image file under the subdir called
drivers. The e1000.o is located in the subdir net under the drivers
directory. I am also using save as opposed to save as. When I use the cd
it does boot, but (after typing manual) it says unable to detect network
card. I have used drives from Intel as well as Forge to no avail. Can
anyone help ? I don't know what to do ?