hey guys

a few issues you might be able to help, but 2 of them i might need to do
an enhancement request.


i tried to multicast 2 rooms at the same time by ticking them on in the
server object, after i did that consolone locked up and then i couldn't
do anything until i deleted the multicast objects using consolone with -

And i guess the other question about imaging, is there a way to get rid
of the abort button while imaging, cause at the momment i can see
students keep on hitting the abort button.

also probably asked about it before but is there also a way to password
protect the pxe menu stuff as well???

also come to the conclusion i've got to dsrepair the master each time to
get multicast session creation working, or else i will get relationship
errors in consoleone while creating mutlicast sessions.
just gives me 2 unknown errors all the time in dsrepair.

any ideas???