I'm having a problem taking an image of a Dell GX270. I will setup the
workstation object to take image on reboot and it PXE boots and loads
linux fine and starts to take the image. But, at some point during the
process it will reboot and start the process all over again and will
loop forever. I've tried multiple GX270s and the results are the same.
I have GX240s and 260s working fine. I can lay an image down on the
270 fine - I just can't take one.

I'm running NW6 SP5 and ZfD 6.5.

Has anyone else seen this? I'm not using the stock linux.2 file. I
added the new e1000.o file from forge.novell site. Before that it
wouldn't obtain an IP address after booting into linux.

Thanks for any ideas.