Im using ZenWorks 6 and made a new image from a Dell D600 Laptop but
everytime I try to use the image, it quits in random places. I tried
reshooting the image both to a server and also to an external USB drive
(Fat32 formatted) and then using these differnet copies but the image
still quits part way through. I tried multicasting the computer after a
sysprep to other computers but it fails as well. The last thing I can
think of trying which Im in the process of doing is making the image with
a Zen 4 CD. I've made plenty of images before and have had little
trouble...the only difference is that this image includes XPsp2 which
shouldn't make much difference. Anybody seen this before. I'm sure I'll
be remaking the image from scratch but am wondering if this has happened
to other people.