Ok, just got my new Zenworks 6.5 install going, new server, Netware 6.0 SP5
installed from Overlay. No previous Zenworks was used in our company. I
played around with the 4.0 beta a while back in the lab, and got the imaging
working pretty well, so I do know a few things.

First problem: PXE
PXE runs ok up until it tries to download Linux3.tgz. From there it will
just loop back to the DHCP request and try to download again. Middle Tier
and Imaging are on the same server, DHCP is running on same server as well.
The Linux files in the \TFTP directory are dated something like 5/4/2004, on
the knowledgebase there's a TID that mentions if you use Linux 1,2,3 dated
after 8/2/2004 it could fix my problem. But, I can't seem to find where
those files might reside.

Second problem: bootable CDROM
Ok, I did this under 4.01 and it wasn't too hard, despite my utter
ineptitude with all things linux. (I'm a tad better now) I loaded up the
boot.iso file into an ISO editor, put in my custom settings.txt file,
attached my old drivers that I used for my broadcom BCM4400 NIC and tried to
boot up. Bootup went fine, went to create a manual image of the
workstation, but after I navigate the menus, I get a message back stating
"Could not connect to Proxy". LSMOD shows the B44 driver loaded and
attached, and DHCP shows that the workstation requested and received an IP
address. However, any attempt to ping from that workstation to the server,
or vice versa, comes back negative. The Broadcom driver is pretty old, I
used it sometime last year. I got the same results using the driver bundled
with 6.5 (I'm assuming there is one as I didn't get an error and DHCP handed
out an address just fine).

Any suggestions?

Nathan Coppersmith
Director, Information Services
Berends Hendricks Stuit Insurance
Wintam 7.1 | Fax @vantage 3.2 / 64 licenses
Novell Netware 6.0 | Citrix Metaframe 1.8 | Exchange 2000