I have been trying to fix a PXE problem for weeks now. For whatever reason, I get a 'no PXE boot filename' error every time I try to boot to PXE and image a drive. All worked well a few weeks ago and not it doesn't. I am getting an error stating that UDP port 111 is already in use when DTS is loaded. There is only one document in Novell's KB regarding this and it doesn't really explain what to do. Only to make sure pxeStart.ncf is called from the end of the autoexec and also unloading Arcserve helps. pxeStart is last in my autoexec and I am not running arcserve but I am still getting the UDP port conflict. I am not sure if this is the problem but PXE is working as it did. Can someone provide any further troubleshooting steps.

BTW, I have verified that pdhcp and tftp files configured correctly and that option 60 is NOT configured as DHCP and PDHCP/TFTP are running on different servers. I am running ZFD 6.5 on NW 6.5 SP1.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Vance Brammer