hey guys

question regarding imaging from another server

we have had moved our images to another server cause our current zen
server was out of room so we copied imgserv.nlm and the DS file across to
the other netware server under the system directory image server loads
fine on other server and can do manual imaging fine.

the problem imaging cannot do automatic imaging and also get pxe errors

i have had to modify the pdhcp.ini file to set the current zen server to
pull down the pxe info and the other netware server for checking for
imaging work.

now i get port map, transaction and tftp errors saying no response,
although it goes through the pxe download and info fine and manual
imaging works fine.

also when try to set to image on next boot it doesn't work with set to
the new imaging server..

any ideas on these issues????

also another quick question anyone got some hints on how to get local
imaging working, i'm trying to test to image a xp image to the local
harddrive and i was wondering how to get it working properly and the