Excuse the N00b question (if it is) but I wanted to see the solution anyone
else may have.

Currently we use Zen Imaging to deploy new machines in the field and do some
emergency imaging of exhisting machines. In general, we have no issues with
imaging computer automatically, but sometimes getting our users to start the
PXE boot can be taxing since you have to do this "keyboard dance" with the
IBM desktops to get to a boot menu.

Is there an easier way to automate the process to force a machine to boot to
PXE on command or even a nice little jumpstart boot floppy you might have to
drop you into PXE? If there is something, is there also a way to Clear the
Workstation info easier than booting to maintence mode and doing a
zisedit -r? I do a zwsreg -unreg, but that doesn't always clear the
workstation fully.

Oh yeah, we have ZERO budget for apps, so it would have to be a
freeware/hack that I could use, unfortunately...

Thanks Again