I have successfully tested imaging a new workstation at my lab network and
moved the workstation to production network. Now the pxe boot process fails
with >No response from transaction server< and also starting maintenance
mode with >Ctrl + Alt< does not work. The production environment is
switched, so (i have read the same issue from august 03 - posted by
rich.molettiere) i checked the switch config, replaced the switch with a hub
- no success. The main difference between the lab net and the prod net is
that in the lab net i have one 6.5 server, in the prod net i have two 6.5
server and zen 6.5 runs in a splited installation (all but imaging and PXE
on the main server, imaging and PXE only on the second server which also
runs DNS + DHCP).

Does anyone out there have any ideas what to change to make imaging