I am trying to create a bootable CD that we can use to image our GX280s.
I downloaded bcm57_v753_zfd65bootcd.iso, added a settings.txt with
WinISO, saved it to a new file and created a bootable CD. When I try to
boot from it I get the following error:

ISOLINUX 2.06 2003-08-22 isolinux: Image checksum error, sorry...

I tried the same procedure with the default bootcd.iso and for the same
result. When I create a CD from an unmodified bootcd.iso or
bcm57_v753_zfd65bootcd.iso it boots correctly (except that it can't find
settings.txt). Clearly the problem is that WinISO is causing an invalid
checksum in the modified file - has anyone seen this before? Can anyone
recommend an alternate ISO editor that won't cause this problem?

Vince Butler