We try to make zenworks preboot/imaging services operational on our test
netware 6.0 novell server. But we have a little problem. When we start
the server we get a problem with the DTS.NLM When the server tries to
start this module it gives status [UNRESOLVED]. When we look further we
see that the PMAP.NLM does not want to start up because it's TCP/UDP
port is in use by another module/process. With the command TCPCON we see
that the SUNRPC is using this port 111. We have no idea what process is
using this port 111. We don't have ARCserve on our test server. So that
can't be the problem as we found on the Internet. Another solution we
found is to unload every NLM till we see the port 111 comes available.
Isn't there anyone who found which NLM could use this port 111??

I hope someone can help us with this problem,

best regards,