G'Day all,

We have Zenworks 4 and we build our PC'S via Zen Imagining using the PXE
client within the bios of our Dell PC's.

All works fine at our HQ but In remote office which connect to us via a
WAN Link at 2mb when the PC is up and running it can see the Zen servers
ip address no problem it can ping tracert the lot.

All the routers are fine they can see it to. but when you boot the PC the
PXE client kicks in then the DHCP starts but is unable to find an IP
ADRESS at all and therefore will not boot to ZEN it fails everytime bring
the PC back to HQ and all works fine. check the link checkedd the routers
all can see the IP Address of the Zen imagining server.

We are truly stuck has anyone come across this B4 ? if so HELLLLP