I need to get zen imaging working with a pcmcia nic driver for a bunch of laptops that do not have any embedded networking. This has been a major hassle from the beginning.

I managed to get a nic that is based on the RealTek 8139 chipset. I created a disk using the PXE-on-disk, but this is for a PCI 8139 nic and doesn't have the card enabler component included. Is there an easy way to add this support?

I had already tried an intel nic and it locked up the pc completely when it tried to PXE. I have it working on an old 3COM card, but they aren't available any more and I need about 50 of them.

Can anyone help get this card working? If not, can someone recommend a card that works with what came with ZEN 6.5 or 4.01?

Keith Larson